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Ready 2 Care can help your animal get in balance, through Tellington TTouch and Bach Flower Remedies. For better performance, more self control and addressing behavioural problems.


Tellington TTouch is a holistic therapy which helps to improve the self heeling power of the body in humans and animals. It is stress reducing and balances the body and mind by TTouching techniques on the body, body wraps and groundwork exercises for body awareness. TTouch provides pain relief, improves the immune system and influences behaviour.


Bach Flower Remedies work on a emotional level and can restore a disbalance. By finding the right Bach Flower Remedies for your animal we can help and balance the different emotions. There are 36 different Bach Flower Remedies and each have a specific function. Together with you as the owner we select the remedies your animal needs.





Tellington TTouch consultation



Tellington TTouch wellness consultation



Tellington TTouch one-day hands-on seminar



Bach Flower Remedies consultation

personal consultation or consultation by phone



Combined TTouch and Bach Flower consultation



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