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About me

My name is Caroline Bolwijn, born and raised in the Netherlands. I live with my 3 dogs in Canton, Georgia and in the United States since February 2014.

In 2012 I graduated and became a certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner. Ever since I practiced one-on-one consultations and one day hands-on seminars.


I have been working with dogs for more than 25 years. Starting with Agility training and competitions with my own dogs and later on training others in Agility and Obedience. Through the years I noticed that many dogs were struggling with physical and/or mental problems, that was the start of my search to a solution which would improve the wellbeing of the animals and their owners. This search let me to Linda Tellington-Jones, the founder of the Tellington TTouch method. And to Bach Flower Remedies.





The Tellington TTouch® Method is a unique approach to animal training and care developed by internationally known author and teacher, Linda Tellington-Jones. The foundation of this method is a specific form of body work known as TTouch®, which induces a state of relaxation and increased body awareness in animals and people alike.

The TTouch® Method is based on a philosophy of mutual respect and cooperation and serves as a unique system of nonverbal communication with animals.

The Tellington TTouch® Method is a holistic therapy which helps to improve the self heeling power of the body in humans and animals. It is stress reducing and balances the body and mind by TTouching techniques on the body, body wraps and groundwork exercises for body awareness. TTouch® provides pain relief, improves the immune system and influences behaviour.


The Goals of TTouch® Include:

- Influencing positive behavioural changes

- Promoting well-being through reduction of stress

- Deepening the relationship and fostering clear communication between people and animals


There are three basic components of the TTouch® Method:

- TTouch® Bodywork

- TTouch® Tools

- TTouch® Confidence Course


TTouch® is a trainings method which focuses on reaching the ultimate balance between body, emotions and mental health. We work with gentle movements and signals in order to let the dog feel and let him think, in a way let the dog open up and be able to learn new behaviour.


By working this way you, yourself will be able to learn to work together with your dog and intensify your relationship.

You will become a TEAM.


What can Ready 2 Care do for you!


Tellington TTouch one-on-one session

The first one-on-one session will take about 1.5 H. We will asses the physical and mental wellbeing of your pet and make a plan of action. We will make a start with a TTouch® body work session followed by a TTouch® groundwork session, depending of the animal. During these sessions you will be actively engaged and taught a few TTouches which you will be able to do at home. Together we will decide how to go forward.

Generally the first session will be followed by 2 or 3 one hour sessions.


Tellington TTouch one-day seminars

Ready 2 Care will organize hands-on one day seminars for small groups of maximum 6 people with their pets. You can participate with or without your pet. The seminar consists of a explanation of TTouch® and a couple of TTouches which you will practise on your pet. We will experiment with body wraps and work outdoors or indoors on the TTouch® confidence course. You will be going home with an unique experience and a handbook to read all we've done during the day on another occasion.


Tellington TTouch wellness session

Even if you pet is physically and mentally, happy and healthy, Ready 2 Care is offering you a

TTouch® wellness session. This is a session of approximatally 1 hour, with or without you, consisting of TTouch® body work and groundwork. It will give your pet the opportunity to relax, release stress and improve his or hers body awareness.


Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower remedies work on an emotional level. The right combination of remedies will restore the emotional balance of your animal. Every remedy has its specific function, therefore the selection of the remedies your animal needs is very important and sometimes a puzzle.

A Bach Flower session consists of a meeting, personally or by phone, to discuss the issues your pet and you are experiencing. With the information gathered I will make a combination of Bach Flower remedies mixed in a bottle with a pipet, dosage is usually 4 times a day 4 drops, to be given directly in the mouth or with some food. The therapy usually takes 6 to 8 weeks. One bottle of Bach Flower remedies will last for about 4 weeks.

TTouch® and Bach Flower remedies can be combined.


Bach Flower remedies have been proven to work well with:

Emotional problems; like anxiety, difficulty with staying alone, hyper activity, depression, recovery after surgery, demanding attention, jalouzy, hyper sensitivity for noices and many more.

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