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Our pets, dogs, cats or any other domesticated animal are part of our family and therefore loved very much and taken well care of.
But sometimes we struggle when our pet is not feeling well, physically or emotionally and is showing behaviour  or physical signs which we like to see different.
For example:

Physical problems; like muscle pains, stiffness, lameness, shock, recovery after surgery, heeling of wounds and/or injuries.


Behavioural problems; like pulling the lead, jumping up, excessive barking, destroying toys or furniture, fear or reactivity towards people or dogs, nervousness, restlessness, hyper activity, tension and reactivity in general.


Well, you've come to the right place, Ready 2 Care can help your animal get in balance and overcome their problems, through Tellington TTouch and Bach Flower Remedies. For better performance, more self control, body awareness and addressing behavioural problems.


Even if your pet is NOT suffering from any problems, a TTouch session is a wonderful wellness treatment, which brings body awareness, proprioception and release of stress.


Bach Flower remedies help restore the emotional balance of the animal, therefore it influences the wellbeing and behaviour of the animal.


The combination of TTouch and Bach Flower remedies have proven to work very well.

TTouch, the touch that teaches..
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